Some Spit and Polish

   Posted by: kdavis

Finished up some minor spit and polish from the last couple of evenings. I took my front brakes apart and painted everything. The rotors are notorious for rusting on the surface, which looks terrible when you’re running “open toed shoes” (ie: large spoke type wheels). I found a solution on the web where you can simply paint the non-pad contact area with high temp engine paint and it’ll stay looking fresh longer.

So, I followed the advice and primed and painted mine aluminum-silver. Turned out pretty good. You’ll see that my electrical tape masking wasn’t exact, but that’s not a big deal. The pads themselves will do the final minor 1/8″ or less clean up and round them out. I’ll probably have to redo them every few years, but not a big deal.

I also took my calipers off and painted them high temp Chevy orange. Since the car will now definitely be Orange (thanks for the votes, btw), I wanted the peekaboo elements like the calipers to match. The pics make the color look more red, and Chevy orange has that tint anyway, but I’m confident that once it’s up against the orange body, it’ll look great and add some accents. The engine block will also be orange, and the heads and pan will be silver, topped off with some Cobra accents.