Times they ARE achanging…

   Posted by: kdavis

I’m actually kind of irritated that I missed this entirely, I could have saved myself some time and money.

There is a partially completed (barely started actually) base kit out of WI that a guy is trying to sell so he can put the funds towards their Korean child adoption. The kit is almost exactly what I would have ordered, plus a bunch of options and even an engine stand and hoist (which I’ve been looking for.)

The only downside/decision point for me is that it includes a pretty hard not to use 5.0L SBF and T5 transmission.

The kit itself stands to save me some substantial money and even some time gathering donor parts, and he’s got lots of upgrades with it (new brakes.) It’s not all there that I want, but it’ll get me close, and save me a ton of money.

It’s pretty hard for me to justify not using the Ford just out of principle, although I’d like to. I figure I can drop some money into the Ford (not a lot) and get 300hp out of it (plenty), and then once I get tired of it, I can build up an SBC 350 like I planned originally. This also eliminates some issues with the motor mounts and headers too.

I just got off the phone with Bryan, and it’s a done deal, or will be I guess. I’m buying his kit. I’ll be canceling my order with FFR, which will cost me $250, but to save more than $5000, I think it’s worth it.

Now, I get to start shopping for 302 Ford Parts. ;->