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A quick update on my progress. These doors have been an absolute pain. The profiles were completely off, and then thanks to me overtrimming the door edges, and then doing the rolled edges, it was a trifecta of difficult body work.

BUT…I’m finally done with them, at least until slick sand. On an MK3.1, you’re basically doing sculpture, as I’ve said before, so lots of rage gold build up, fiberglass work, and sanding, and then sculpting all of the profiles.

I still need to take the body back off, and at that time, I’ll build up the rolled edges a bit more where the door and dash meet. There’s probably an 1/8″ difference in thickness, and I’d like that to match. So, I’ll have to do a gradual build out into the door.

On my rolled edges where the doors and dash meet, I was a little concerned with the strength, despite my best effort to break them off with a mallet (testing to see how they were), so I ended up adding a layer of glass in there to give it a little more rigidity. From others that have done it, it seems like it’ll last pretty well.

I ended up buying some of the cheap harbor freight car dollies, and they work very well, considering the price. It’s still a 2200lb car, but easier to move it around the the shop now.







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