Wheel Mockups

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I did up some mockups of some different wheel choices for an orange car. I figured I’d go ahead and post those here for others who might want to see them.

The wheels are from AmericanMuscle.com, and they are the FR500 series 17×9 and 17×10.5.

I also did up one with the Team III Vintage Pin-Drive Bolt-ons. They are pretty pricey for me though, but I like the look.

It seems the most popular combo is with those wheel sizes with 255/40/17 in the front, and 315/35/17 in the back. This would be for the 17’s, 15’s might be different.

Chrome FR500

Black FR500

Black FR500 with Black Side Pipes

Anthracite FR500

Team III Pin Drive Bolt-On

Silver Car with Anthracite Bullitt’s

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