The Shop Is DONE!

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Finished the paint over the weekend and the barn door thresholds. So, we’re officially done with the build now. WHOO HOO! Now the fun part starts, moving in and organizing.

General stats:

Started (dug the hole) – 4/7/09 or so.
Finished – 8/22/09

Did all of the work myself on the inside, plus all of the gravel work (concrete gravel, driveway) and dirt work. Hired out the framing, roof, and siding. I did the concrete forms and prep, and we did the pour and finish ourselves in 2 1/2 days with 4 guys.

Budget wise, I went over by about 15%. Those $200 trips to Lowes will kill ya, and also I hadn’t originally budgeted for the labor, and the barn doors were more than budgeted.

I’m so pleased with the project, it’s a great space, and I look forward to getting back into my car project!

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas!

All of the Pics can be found here (shop pics are the top ones, organized by build stage.)


Here’s my wife’s least favorite sign:

Now, back to the COBRA!


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