The Cobra is Home!

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What a great adventerous trip! 43 hours straight on the road, 2.5 hours of sleep, and an hour of load time, and the Cobra is sitting in its temporary home in my garage.

I’m hoping in the next month that the shop will be ready to move it in there, as it will be its permanent home.

Bryan Goehl and his family were awesome, and the kit was just as I had expected and more. The trailer we borrowed worked perfect, and we had no problems with anything mechanical.

Other than Peanut trying to lock us out of the suburban at the Goehl’s house, it all went off without a hitch! A HUGE thanks to Aaron Brucks for being a willing participant in my insanity, and of course, for my wife being willing to let me do the car.

Now the adventure REALLY begins…


Picking Up the Cobra in Green Bay


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