Shipping Date Set and Drivetrain News

   Posted by: kdavis

Finally got my paperwork from FFR with a “Required Date” of 4/25/09 (at my request.) I received my $1700 shipping quote from Stewart Transport (oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!) The good news is that they’ll drop it right in my garage for that price, and I don’t have to pay a crating fee. I considered driving to MA to go get it, but the time required at 70+ hours is just too high. So, now, I just wait and do research I guess, and maybe hit the salvage yard for some suspension parts.

After doing lots of research and thinking through the motor and tranny options, I’ve decide to go fairly traditional with a Chevy 350 Small Block and a Saginaw 4-Speed. I’ve love a Muncie, but they are roughly 2x the cost. I’ve found one locally that might do the job.

I’m leaning towards this motor, which is a 350 with 400+HP and 400ft/lb torque. That would definitely do the job, and I’m pretty sure I’d never wear it out.

Year One Crate 350

Looks pretty promising, and has a 12 month warranty on it. We’ll see how it turns out.

Now…guess I better start thinking harder about the shop! Here’s a pic of it as well.

It’s 12′ tall on the right side and 10′ for the rest. I need the 12′ so I can put the lift in there…

More soon!