Less Car, More Shop

   Posted by: kdavis

I’ve had to suck it up and work on the shop for the last week or so, almost every day.

We poured concrete on Monday, and we’re 1/2 way through. The rest of the pour will be done on Friday. I have a little more form and gravel work to do and we’ll be ready to go there. We’re going to start framing on Tuesday, which will be a welcomed site!

I did manage to make a little progress last weekend on Sunday. After battling for about an hour with the harmonic balancer bolt, I finally managed to get it off thanks to a breaker bar and some serious leverage. I swapped in the B303 cam, new timing chain, new oil pan and oil pickup, and I drilled out and painted the timing cover for the new front dipstick (went with a front sump pan). It wasn’t bad, just a 3/8″ drill bit and some careful drilling. The dipstick fits great.

I flipped the engine over and much to my dismay, CLINK, CLINK! Oops, I had left a nut inside the engine, from the oil pickup hold down. Back over she went and oil pan off again. A waste of a 1/2 hour, but live and learn I guess.

The GT40P heads went on without any trouble, so there she sits, waiting for the intake and carb and fuel pump (mechanical).

Still doing some paint and polish. Got the tranny all cleaned up and painting it with metallic silver (really like that paint.) Almost all of my parts are here now, including the wheels and tires, which are awesome. They look fast just sitting there, according to Kenzie (10). The 4×4 headers will be here on Tuesday.

The plan is to bench fire the engine to get everything tested and running and timed, plus check for leaks. Maybe next weekend, but we’ll have to see.

Pics of Engine Progress:

Engine Build

Pics of Concrete Progress:

Concrete Pouring