Dash Vinyl is Done, Gauges and Switches in Place – Almost

   Posted by: kdavis

After a month of no updates, thought I’d show some progress. I have been wiring for this whole time, and took some time for the dropped trunk mod. I’ll post that stuff later, but today, the Dash.

I’m simply ignoring the fact that my speedo is en route to AutoMeter for repairs, and pretending that i finished my dash.

So, it’s really an almost. Speedo will need to go in, and the holy crap bar as well.

Thought I’d post it up anyway.


AutoMeter Ultra-Lights (oil temp delete, add clock)
LED Indicators (amber turns, blue for high beams and tangent driving)
Push button start (button was $3 from parts express)
Standard horn button
On-Off-On turn signal turned sideways
On-Off-On for tangents
Headlight switch and knob from American Auto Wire
Matching Knob for the Choke

Ignition key and heater switch are going into the tranny tunnel.

Dash Material is Marine Black Vinyl from Joann’s (50% coupon, so cheap) no padding.

Used Weldwood Contact Cement and a cheap paint brush, worked perfectly, very little mess.

Covered up the pre-drilled dash holes (small ones) with one layer in back and 2 layers in front of aluminum tape.

Cut holes with 1/8″ extra inside for gauges, perfect tight fit.