Up, Up, and Away!

   Posted by: kdavis

I decided to reclaim 50+ square feet of my shop by hanging the body and buck from the ceiling.

When you don’t have friends to help, but you have a lift, you tend to get creative. Thanks to some ratcheting tie downs, some rope, a couple of 2×4’s, and sawhorses, the body is now suspended about 8″ from the ceiling on the 12′ side. I basically made new supports for the buck, ran a 2×4 across the middle, then took the original platform off of the bottom. This probably cut 100lbs total off the weight. I could easily lift each corner with one hand, so I’m guessing the total weight is less than 150lbs, under 40lbs per corner, so the bike anchors will work just fine.

The only downside is that I have to back the suburban in so that I can clear the body and lift it up as far as it’ll go. I changed the oil last night, and it worked perfectly. Backing in wasn’t a big deal.