Body Buck is Built

   Posted by: kdavis

Well, took the first step I guess. I got the body buck built/rebuilt from what Bryan had done. I actually put this on on stilts so I can put the body on it, and then roll it in and out of the garage OVER the chassis. This will conserve some garage space until the shop is finished.

The nice thing, it didn’t cost me anything, everything was scrap and extra lumber I had laying around.

I’m hoping to get the body unbolted in the next few days and then get moving on the build a little more quickly. I ordered some aluminum and some other parts. The first step will be drilling out the footbox that Bryan put in so I can mod it and make it a little bigger. Michelle is tall so I want to make sure she has room for her feet.


As you can see by the poll, the response I got was overwhelmingly leaned towards Orange. It seems like the consensus is to do the Orange with the tan interior, and of course, since that’s also the opinion of Michelle, my hot wife, I guess I better do that. So, Orange it is.

I really like the Bullitt Wheels (Wheels in Anthracite.) I’d probably choose the Team III’s for a little more vintage look, but I just can’t bring myself to pay $1600 just for the wheels.

Pics of the body buck, nothing exciting:

Body Buck