Shop Update – Big Week Last Week – Roof, Paint, Trim

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We were in Oregon for a few days, and the shop was busy with out me!

The guys got the roof on, and I’m pleased with how nicely the roofing color matches the roof on the house. They look nice together.

We got home on Thursday night, and after a full day of work on Friday, I spent the entire weekend painting. I hate house painting. ;-> Thanks to the Wagner company, I spent 1/2 of Saturday messing with my 2nd power-pro airless paint gun. I now consider these units as ONE TIME disposable painters. I’ve now had 2 of these, and they just don’t last for more than about 5 gallons of paint, no matter how anal you clean them (which I do.)

I defaulted to my air gun HVLP cheapo sprayer from Harbor Freight that I had laying around, and it did a great job. Learned some lessons about how the paint gets drawn down, adding enough water to get it to spray, etc, but I got the hang of it, and it made relatively quick work of the soffit, which would have been absolute MURDER to paint with a roller and brush.

As you can see, the soffit was left uncovered so the tails of the trusses and framing members of the porch are exposed, complete with roofing nails and all the goodies. Some folks may think this looks crappy, but it’s precisely the look I want. Sticking with the Vintage Service Station theme, I more or less want it to look like the owner/mechanic took a weekend and painted everything. I don’t want it to look too polished. Mission accomplished. It doesn’t necessarily save any work or expense, but it does complete the look.

If the weather cooperates, we’ll be doing siding in the next few days, and I’ll get the electrical rough in started during the evenings and finish that this weekend. Things are progressing quickly, and I’m anxious to get it done.



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