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I thought I’d start a post to archive some of the detailed build information I’m finding.

Power vs. Manual Steering:

I’m still researching this. To do a full new setup from Breeze, I’d be looking at something like $800. All new stuff, but wow, that’s a lot of money.

I found information that going with either a 15:1 or 18:1 Manual Rack will be pretty close to power steering, but not quite as good.

I also found the following information on a cheaper PS install:

I have built 5 FFR cars (Mark Ames)

All were built with manual steering. 18-1 is about the best compromise in terms of feel and response.

My last car was 15-1 and Jon A commented it was twitchy. It was but I was well used to it.

I have just sold the car and the new buyer requested that I install power steering.

I installed a stock mustang 87-93 setup using the ac delete mount bracket. I also cut the spring as suggested in several threads.
The result is about the best feeling setup I have had.

The second benefit is that it is cheap to do. A reconditioned rack was just $80, the high pressure line was $28 and the low pressure was $18.
Adding in a used pump and the mount bracket and I was done for about $200.

The smaller spring mod gives a great feeling, definately easier at slow speeds, but if anything less twitchy at high speeds.

In short…go power as above or 18-1. manual

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