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Well, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really started to realize just how much work getting the shop done is going to be. Even with having Rick (my buddy) do pretty much all of the exterior work (framing to siding), there’s still a huge amount of work inside to be done, from wiring to drywall, tape and texture, painting, finish electrical, and then just the shear task of moving everything out there and getting it organized. Plus, I have to build a bunch of work benches, shelves and cabinets too.

So, it seems the Cobra will be relegated to the backseat so to speak until end of summer, I’d guess. I’ll be posting updates to the shop build here for a while instead, for those folks that might be interested.

So far, we’ve poured the concrete (we did all of this ourselves), the walls are up, and the trusses are set. Rick is doing some of the little detailed things today, including the overhangs, fascia, and building out the front “porch” overhang. If he gets enough done, he and I will start sheathing later today, and it’ll be finished up tomorrow. The goal is to have the roof done this week (shingles and all) as it’s going to be a bit cooler.

Some pics:


Concrete Forms
Concrete Pouring
Concrete Pouring II




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