Great Time in Billings Last Weekend – But it’s Going to Cost Me!

   Posted by: kdavis

We enjoyed a great time with my buddy Mike Mueller and family at the International Mustang Meet over Labor Day weekend.

We went up to Billings on Saturday for a Mustang Car Show, then out to Yellowstone Drag Strip for some drag racing, funny cars, and jet cars. Mike got to run his roadster out there, and did well, 13 seconds and 106mph. Not quite the 250mph of the jet car, but pretty respectable.

Sunday we got to watch some autocross, and even got a ride through the course with Mike. This is where it all started. After Michelle took a ride, she decided she was ready to build her own car, so we’re starting plans for her to do a Roadster as well (when funds allow), and she decided to paint hers pink. Should be fun.

The shop is about 80% organized, and I’m anxious to start on the car again. I’m going to be hanging the body buck from the 12′ ceiling to get it up and out of the way during the build. Not 100% necessary, but that extra floor space will come in handy. Pics will come soon.

Videos and Pictures from this Weekend:


Drag Racing:

Awesome Cobra Visit in Portland!

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We had a great opportunity yesterday to spend the afternoon with Mike M and his lovely wife Stacy in Portland. We were on our way to the Oregon Coast (where I am writing this now), and he had invited us to stop by and see his car (his car is the one I’m modeling mine after (the orange, etc.)).

What an awesome day! Mike and his family are great, and we had a great visit. The weather cooperated, and we didn’t get rained on, although i could have used some longer pants. Mike and I took a long drive, and then he let me take the wheel (talk about generosity!) It took me a little while to get used to the slow starts since this car doesn’t like going slow, and I just didn’t want to look like an idiot and kill it before I got it moving.

What a blast to drive! I still haven’t stopped smiling. Mike also let me take Michelle and the girls for separate rides, and they all had a fun time, Kenzie even screamed a little when we got into it a little (note…little, this wasn’t my car!) in 2nd gear.

Anyway, it was a great day, and I’m so thankful for my new friend Mike and his family. I hope to see them again soon!