Can’t Decide on Color – Help Me

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As I started shopping for wheels, I realized that I’ll actually have to pick a color scheme way earlier than I thought. This is because to get to go-kart stage, I need wheels and tires. I was surprised to see just how much body color actually influences the style and finish of wheels.

The previous post shows some different mockups on an orange car, which I like.

I’m now leaning more towards a Silver car instead. It would be a much different look, instead of an orange with tan interior, possible wood dash, this would have a more high-tech look to match the silver look. I would either go with carbon fiber on the dash, or simply a painted dash to match the body paint. Either way, the idea is to create a fighter jet type look and feel, rather than the more simplistic orange and tan.

It looks like I’ll just have to do another one so I can have both. ;->

Here are some pics of both orange and silver cars.



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