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Wow, March 28 was my last blog entry…what a terribly busy Summer/Fall I had! I guess when you decided to do an entire landscape redo mostly alone, drop an 8000 pound skidsteer into the pool, rebuild the pool, then build a couple of decks, patios, etc., it takes some time.

But…I’m working my way back into the shop, and I’m thinking about all kinds of aspects of the build. In particular, even though I still have a ton of work to do with the paint and body, I’m still trying to nail down my color choice. I had decided fully to go Silver, but now, I am rethinking that. The primary reason is that although I love the silver cars, they are less “in your face” than some of the brighter colors. It’s a super-car, more or less, it’s supposed to be in your face right? Still thinking about orange, but maybe a true orange instead of pearl, white stripes. Then there’s yellow, green, and an old standby, black…

So, this week, I’ve been working on cleaning up the welds on my side pipes, so that I can get them sent off to the coater in Portland, and Mike M can help get them back to me.

It’ll take me a week to figure out what my wiring is doing, I should have mapped it better. I did somewhat, but didn’t take all of the time to diagram my custom circuits. I’ll need to do that.

I’m also thinking about using linear actuators for the trunk and hood, just because I think it would be cool, despite being not only a little “ghetto” and totally not original to the time period. But, using those will help keep hands off the paint when opening the trunk and hood. I can also use a different setup for the latches then, perhaps borrowing an old “caddie” power latch or something.

Here we go!

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